Honor a dog or person with a Memorial or Tribute

Do you have a German Shepherd Dog who makes your life a happier place, or do you know a person who is a friend of German Shepherds? This is a place where you can offer tributes to your four-legged and two-legged friends.

For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post his/her name, your name (if you wish), a short tribute, and an optional photo.

If your dog friend is no longer with you, you can offer a memorial in his/her honor. For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post your dog's name, your name (if you wish), a short memorial, and an optional photo.

Send your donation and memorial or tribute to:

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

Or, pay by PayPal below and e-mail your tribute and your photo in jpg format, to info@gsgsrescue.org

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Beryl Eshom

In memory of Beryl Eshom (1932 - 2020) from her many friends at the German Shepherd Dog Review

Shirley O'Brien

Added January 13, 2021

Janet Drew

Donating in memory of Shadow who was a loved family member. We miss you????

Janet Drew

Added January 13, 2021

Beryl Eshom

In memory of Beryl Eshom. She was a force in the German Shepherd world. From her friends at the Diablo Valley German Shepherd Club

Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club

Added October 21, 2020

Tom LeClaire

In memory of Tom LeClaire, who was a great friend to many German Shepherds in his lifetime.

John and Erica Dinelli

Added August 10, 2020

Jacque Jensen Gianinni

This donation is made to honor the memory of Jacque Jensen Giannini. She loved all dogs, but had a special place in her heart for German Shepherds.

Nancy Rose

Added July 15, 2020

In memory of Ruby & Gerry Hertz's Radar from his grateful daughter Karma Hankins

Deborah Hankins

Added May 26, 2020

In memory of our first shepherd, Ali. You are missed. Love, Tom, Louise and Sutro!

The Radcliffes

Added May 26, 2020


In loving memory of Maverick, the best dog anyone could have asked for. Thank you for your endless love and loyalty, you will be in our hearts forever. Adopted from GSGSR 10/10/10 - Peacefully resting 05/15/20 -Jon, Kat, Madi, and Colton

The Wong Family

Added May 20, 2020


In memory of Kuno: You brought us lots of love, great memories, and sticks and pine cones. You will be missed!

Greg, Mary, Caroline, and Abby

Added March 02, 2020

The Zaks

We wanted to say thank you to both Golden State GSR and Muttville for finding homes for GSD Sebastian and his 5 chihuahuas, for our friend Joy, who herself was rescued from an abusive situation and whisked off to England.

Rachel and Collin Zak

Added March 02, 2020

In Memory of Radar

In memory of Ruby and Gerry Hertz's wonderful boy, Radar.

Cal and Mary Lemon

Added March 02, 2020


In loving memory of Zora - the Wong Family

Kristen Wong

Added January 10, 2020

Jene Dupzyck

In memory of Jene Dupzyck

Ruby and Gerald Hertz

Added January 07, 2020

Penner Johnson

In honor of our daughters' dog, Penner Johnson. Thank you for all you do.

RS & JC Johnson

Added January 07, 2020

In memory of Bella, Jetta, Molly, Luke, Cindy and Sam

Doni Bird

Added January 02, 2020

R. Beth’s King of Hearts UD, RAE, CGC, TC. “Sky

In loving memory of Mary and Cal Lemon's beautiful boy Sky.

Ruby and Gerald Hertz

Added December 12, 2019

Carolyn Cook

In honor of Carolyn Cook - "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Cheyanna Jaffke

Added November 25, 2019

R. Beth’s King of Hearts UD, RAE, CGC, TC. “Sky

In memory of Mary and Cal Lemon's beautiful boy Sky who is now running free with his sister, Diva.

With love Aunt Debbi and nieces Banshee & Karma

Added October 07, 2019

Christina Ong Do

In memory of Buddy. You left us too soon.

Christina Ong Do and family

Added September 25, 2019

Nancy Jacobs

In memory of my father, Ray Jacobs, former President of the DVGSDC.

Nancy Jacobs

Added August 22, 2019