Honor a dog or person with a Memorial or Tribute

Do you have a German Shepherd Dog who makes your life a happier place, or do you know a person who is a friend of German Shepherds? This is a place where you can offer tributes to your four-legged and two-legged friends.

For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post his/her name, your name (if you wish), a short tribute, and an optional photo.

If your dog friend is no longer with you, you can offer a memorial in his/her honor. For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post your dog's name, your name (if you wish), a short memorial, and an optional photo.

Send your donation and memorial or tribute to:

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

Or, pay by PayPal below and e-mail your tribute and your photo in jpg format, to info@gsgsrescue.org

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Jill Alchorn

In memory of Jill Alchorn

Mitch and Laurie Short

Added July 12, 2023

Jill Barclay Alchorn

In memory of and with great affection for your devoted volunteer, Jill Barclay Alchorn.

Eliz. C.A. Johnson, Attorney

Added June 16, 2023

Jill Alchorn

In loving memory of Jill Alchorn, her loving nature and huge heart saved many animals over the years. She is missed so much by so many. May she rest in peace.

Steve Estes

Added June 12, 2023

Jill Alchorn

In memory of a lovely young woman, Jill Barclay Alchorn, who accompanied much and who was dedicated to helping her four legged friends. We would like this donation designated towards the JBA Spay and Neuter Fund.

Sarah Powell

Added June 12, 2023

Jill Alchorn

In memory of Jill Alchorn

Arlene Wingfield

Added June 11, 2023

Jill Alchorn

In honor of Jill Alchorn, her dedication to rescuing dogs and her valiant fight against her own battle with cancer.

Susan Burleson

Added June 09, 2023

Jill Alchorn

Miss you friend

Laura Luna-Brice

Added June 02, 2023

Jill Alchorn

In memory of Jill Alchorn. Our friend and neighbor who went above and beyond to be a helpful contributor to ours, and many other, "animal loving families”.

Alan Ragsdale

Added May 31, 2023


In loving memory of Blitz. You will be in our hearts forever. Adopted from GSGSR June 2012.

The Plumb Family

Added May 31, 2023

Gina Miner

Jill Alchorn was my next-door neighbor and I was privileged to get to know a whole parade of lucky foster dogs who passed through her home. Molly was just one, but perhaps my favorite.

Gina Miner

Added May 18, 2023

Ken and Janette Glissman

In memory of Jill Alchorn, who brought our loving Kai into our lives.

Ken and Janette Glissman

Added May 18, 2023

Kay Springer

In memory of Jill Alchorn

Kay Springer

Added May 18, 2023

Debra Hayes

In memory of Jill Alchorn. We adopted Ramey from her. She was a special person and we are forever grateful for Ramey.

Debra Hayes

Added May 18, 2023

Elizabeth Harmon

This donation is made in memory of Elizabeth Harmon.

Nancy Lynch

Added April 20, 2023

Maximus and Danny

"In remembrance of Maximus who I adopted from GSGSR a little over 2-1/2 years ago. He was 7-1/2 when I adopted him, the only regret being that he did not live longer damn cancer. And also for the care and support that you gave to my new GSGSR dog, Danny. He is another great rescue on your part and that I get to share because of your organization".

Jan Batteux

Added January 03, 2023


“We were honored to have Sophie for almost 10 years. She was magnificent - the finest of all our Shepherds. We sorely miss the walks and squirrel chasing, and having her in our lap. Everyone in our neighbor knew Sophie. RIP at the Rainbow Bridge dear friend."

Pat and Jean Hardy

Added December 31, 2022


“In memory of Bronson Brown, the sweetest boy. We will remember you always.”

The Cole Family

Added December 15, 2022

Jean Zukin

This donation is in memory of dear Jean Zukin

Pam Galen

Added August 02, 2022

Nathan Russell Saindon

In memory of Nathan Russell Saindon who loved all animals, especially German shepherds.

Judy and George McLemore

Added April 20, 2022


In memory of Elfried (Elfi) a GSGSR dog from 2011 to 2021. Thank you for bringing Elfried into our lives...she made us better humans.

Christine & Jeff

Added February 23, 2022