Honor a dog or person with a Memorial or Tribute

Do you have a German Shepherd Dog who makes your life a happier place, or do you know a person who is a friend of German Shepherds? This is a place where you can offer tributes to your four-legged and two-legged friends.

For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post his/her name, your name (if you wish), a short tribute, and an optional photo.

If your dog friend is no longer with you, you can offer a memorial in his/her honor. For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post your dog's name, your name (if you wish), a short memorial, and an optional photo.

Send your donation and memorial or tribute to:

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

Or, pay by PayPal below and e-mail your tribute and your photo in jpg format, to info@gsgsrescue.org

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In Memory of lovely Liesel!

Dale and Karen Montgomery

Added April 24, 2019


In memory of K9 Agbar

Pets Eternal Rest

Added February 20, 2019

Doug Paustenbauch

Gigi is a very healthy two and a half long- haired German Shepherd. Getting Gigi from a rescue organization opened our eyes to all the wonderful people who help the lost or abandoned dogs to find a loving home. This small donation is our way of saying Thank You.

Doug Pastenbauch

Added January 23, 2019

Jene Dupzyck

In memory of Jene Dupzyck

Ruby and Gerald Hertz

Added January 21, 2019

Doni Bird

In Memory of William Bird and Cody

Doni Bird

Added January 04, 2019

Judith Murray

In Loving Memory of Faith

Judith Murray

Added January 04, 2019

Dale and Karen Montgomery

In memory of Klaus, adopted by Michelle Palmer

Dale and Karen Montgomery

Added January 04, 2019

Joseph Caruso

In Memory of Jax. Run free Jax

Joseph Caruso

Added January 04, 2019

Cappy Pottle

In Memory of Cappy Pottle, who with her partner Gloria Birch, was the owner of Covy Tucker Hill’s Kennel in Cotati, California. Cappy was a breeder and handler of many famous German Shepherd Dogs along with being a well respected AKC judge of the breed. She was also an artist and concert violinist. She will be missed by many.

Friends of Cappy Pottle

Added January 04, 2019

The Salveminis

In Honor of Bari

Andrea and John Salvemini

Added January 04, 2019

Stirling Spencer

On the behalf of Stirling and Gary in memory of Boba Rexx. Rex we will treasure our Donner Lake trips and watching you gallop through the snow & lake as happy as can be. Rest easy big Boba.

Stirling Spencer & Gary Demasi

Added November 19, 2018


On the behalf of DIAKADI, we're donating in Honor of Boba Rexx von Clausen-Polson. Rex, we miss you buddy and hope you're fetching as many balls on the beach right now. Mike + Billy, you are the best thing that has happened to Rex! We love you!

DIAKADI Staff and Trainers

Added November 15, 2018

Tim Irvin & Mike Hennehane

Donation in memory of Rexx.

Tim & Mike Net Tempo

Added November 15, 2018

Dustin Eastment and Emily Ziegler

Donation in honor of Mr. Rex (aka Boba). You touched so many lives and filled so many hearts with love and joy. You will be missed. Hoping where ever you are now your days are full of unlimited tennis balls, sticks and stuffed animals for you to enjoy!

Dustin & Emily

Added November 15, 2018

Sandi Thonton

In Honor of Dax's 1 year adoption from his mom Sandi!!!! This money is to be used towards Baylen eye surgery.

Sandi Thornton

Added November 15, 2018

Mayann Hand

In loving memory of Mayann Hand and her love for German Shepherds. We miss you and love you always!

Jennifer Hand

Added October 12, 2018

Virginia Dockter

In memory of Virginia Dockter and her love of dogs

Andrea Bishop

Added July 16, 2018

Patty Larsen /Larsen

In loving memory of Patty Larsen

Ms. Paulette Larsen

Added July 02, 2018

Patty Larsen /Carothers

In loving memory of Patty Larsen

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Carothers

Added July 02, 2018

Patty Larsen /Doddridge

In loving memory of Patty Larsen

Mr. Richard Doddridge

Added July 02, 2018