Honor a dog or person with a Memorial or Tribute

Do you have a German Shepherd Dog who makes your life a happier place, or do you know a person who is a friend of German Shepherds? This is a place where you can offer tributes to your four-legged and two-legged friends.

For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post his/her name, your name (if you wish), a short tribute, and an optional photo.

If your dog friend is no longer with you, you can offer a memorial in his/her honor. For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post your dog's name, your name (if you wish), a short memorial, and an optional photo.

Send your donation and memorial or tribute to:

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

Or, pay by PayPal below and e-mail your tribute and your photo in jpg format, to info@gsgsrescue.org

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Marilyn Wolper-Dick Zukin

In honor of Dick Zukin’s birthday.

Marilyn Wolper

Added October 09, 2013

In memory of Fuzzy & Molly, the wonderful companions of Janet & Bruce Stephenson. They are greatly missed.

Mary Lemon

Added October 09, 2013

Mary Lemon-coworkers

In honor of Mary Lemon, RN from her co-workers, in appreciation of her many years of dedication and hard work. It is a tribute to her love of the German Shepherd breed.

Mary's Co-workers

Added October 04, 2013

In celebration of the 2nd adoption anniversary of our sweet Molly (previously Alice Faye). She has brought us two years of love and laughter! Thank you for rescuing her and thank you for letting us become her forever family.

Sonbol Massoud-Ansari

Added October 02, 2013

In memory of Luka von Sontausen. Luka was a wonderful companion to Carla and showed the amazing versatility of the German Shepherd Dog.

Louise Tully

Added October 02, 2013

In memory of Golden State German Shepherd Dog, Sable.

Elena Ignatieff

Added September 06, 2013

In honor of Elliot my German Shepherd Rescue #051.

Gisela B. Fowles

Added September 05, 2013

Debbi Hankins - Klaus

In Memory of Michelle Palmer’s Klaus, a wonderful dog.

Debbi Hankins

Added August 29, 2013

In memory of Thomas Kimbrell.

Susan Davenport

Added August 24, 2013

Mary Lemon - Flex

In memory of "Flex", GC. CH. Covy-Tucker Hill's Tjr's Marc Flex, an outstanding dog & companion.

Mary Lemon

Added August 24, 2013

Debbi Hankins - Flex

In memory of GCH CH Covy-Tucker Hill’s Tjr’s Marc Flex, an outstanding dog.

Debbi Hankins

Added August 22, 2013

In honor of “Kaya”, who rescued me – I’m forever grateful.

Kris Giuliani

Added August 22, 2013

In memory of my son, Robert – who was a true animal lover.

Phyllis Villa

Added August 15, 2013

Larry-Mr. Big

In loving memory of my “grandson”, Mr. Big.

Larry Frimanslund

Added August 03, 2013

Jo M - Mr. Big

In memory of my best pal for 12 years, Mr. Big, and an inspirational example for everyone he touched. You’ll always have my heart.

Jo M.

Added August 03, 2013

Dale & Karen Montgomery-Klaus

In memory of Klaus, with our deepest sympathy.

Dale & Karen Montgomery

Added July 19, 2013

Joan Cannelli-Klaus

In memory of Klaus, a very special boy who rose above a challenge and lived his life with happiness and lots of love.

Joan Cannelli

Added July 17, 2013

Andrea Bishop-Klaus

In memory of Klaus – to a great dog, loved dearly by Michelle Palmer.

Andrea Bishop

Added July 17, 2013

Chris Morris-Klaus

In memory of Klaus, a wonderful dog and in honor of Michelle Palmer for her unconditional love.

Chris Morris

Added July 10, 2013

David & Denise Pitt-Baker

Happy 13th Birthday to Baker Sharp.

David & Denise Pitt

Added June 28, 2013