Adoption Counselor

Our Adoption Counselors work with our adopters to help them have a positive and successful experience adopting one of our rescue dogs. Adoption Counselors can assist in one or more of the following areas:

  • Interacting with potential adopters at adoption events or over the phone to find out what type of dog they are looking for
  • Conducting home visits to make sure a prospective home is safe for the needs of a rescue German Shepherd Dog
  • Bringing adopters in touch with foster homes that have dogs that may be a good fit
  • Helping adopters complete any necessary paperwork
  • Sharing information about dog care and training
  • Following up with adopters by phone once they have adopted a rescue dog

If you would like to find out about being an Adoption Counselor, please complete the Volunteer Questionnaire online or contact us at to begin the process. We look forward to talking to you!