Honor a dog or person with a Memorial or Tribute

Do you have a German Shepherd Dog who makes your life a happier place, or do you know a person who is a friend of German Shepherds? This is a place where you can offer tributes to your four-legged and two-legged friends.

For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post his/her name, your name (if you wish), a short tribute, and an optional photo.

If your dog friend is no longer with you, you can offer a memorial in his/her honor. For a donation of $25 or more, Golden State German Shepherd Rescue will post your dog's name, your name (if you wish), a short memorial, and an optional photo.

Send your donation and memorial or tribute to:

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

Or, pay by PayPal below and e-mail your tribute and your photo in jpg format, to info@gsgsrescue.org

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DIVA Tribute

In loving memory of Debbi Hankins' Diva, a wonderful German Shepherd. She is also missed by Mary Lemon & Sky, Diva's brother & best buddy.

Mary Lemon

Added January 25, 2018

DIVA Tribute

In memory of my beloved Diva who gave me 10.5 wonderful years & is forever in my heart.

Debbi Hankins

Added January 25, 2018

Debra Barnes - Storm

Hi everyone, I am donating in memory of Storm Barnes, a black and red female I fostered and then adopted in 2008 after she was used for breeding and tossed aside in Lodi. She was a gorgeous love bug who kissed on command, and lived healthy and happy until her passing at the age of 15! She will be missed but never forgotten.

Debra Barnes

Added July 20, 2017

Tina Alonso in Memory of Beau Perkins

In memory of sweet Beau Perkins From: Aunties Tina & Jane

Tina Alonso

Added July 14, 2017

Pam Moffett

In memory of Pam Moffett, who proudly loved her German Shepherds.

Andrea Bishop

Added March 22, 2017

In Loving Memory of Delilah.

Alice Carr

Added January 30, 2017

In memory of "Tuesday," my first GSD

Cherice D. Hulihee

Added December 11, 2016

Dani Boy. We love him.

Sheri Wolpe Langer

Added October 11, 2016

Darcy Clark in memory of Betty Frazier

In memory of Betty Frazier, Shasta’s beloved “mom”. I am so blessed to be Shasta’s caretaker – we think of Betty every day.

Darcy Clark

Added October 01, 2016

In memory of Larry & Peggy Woon's Pepper. She was a wonderful dog & I know how much you miss her.

Mary Lemon

Added October 01, 2016

Richard and Jean Zukin in memory of Joan Cannelli's sister Dorothy.

Richard and Jean Zukin

Added October 01, 2016

Gunther & Emily Stein in honor of Oscar

Gunther & Emily Stein

Added October 01, 2016

Denise Fox-Garcia in memory of Dash

Denise Fox-Garcia

Added October 01, 2016

Douglas Zeghibe - Rex

Douglas Zeghibe in honor of Rex, adopted by Mike Clausen and Billy Polson

Douglas Zeghibe

Added September 19, 2016

In memory of my Elliot.

Gisela Fowles

Added September 19, 2016

A tribute to Zinnie, the sweetest German Shepherd on earth.

Cynthia Smith

Added September 19, 2016

In memory of Klaus, a donation to GSGSR in memory of Klaus

Michelle Palmer

Added September 19, 2016

GSGSR received a gift for the Siggy Fund in memory of Don and Barb Wortman.

PD Benker, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis

Added August 29, 2016

Andrea Bishop and Mike Turkull - Gus

In loving memory of Gustopher - a gentle giant and devoted companion.

Andrea Bishop and Mike Turkull

Added July 06, 2016

Joan Nordstrom - Gus

In Memory of Gus

Joan Nordstrom

Added July 06, 2016