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Male 19.2 months Level 2.5

Ready for Adoption Added October 03, 2021

You had better watch out for your heart, Lionel is ready to steal it. In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, Lionel is super sweet with a ton of potential. This young boy (somewhere between 11-20 months) was found as a stray in San Francisco. Lionel passed the gauntlet of behavior tests at SF ACC and was adopted after a few weeks. Unfortunately, Lionel was returned to the shelter shortly after his adoption. Upon seeing Lionel returned, his now foster mom worked with the amazing behavior team at SF ACC to get him into rescue. Lionel is getting much needed play time with his 2 yo foster brother (a GSD mix) as well as learning proper behavior from his 10 yo (GSD) foster uncle. His crate must be a magical place, for each morning, he comes out better than the day before! Lionel is getting used to being in a home with a yard (he already figured out the dog door) and he does all of his business outside. Lionel’s favorite hobby is playing tug of war with his foster bro. Lionel will get the toy of choice and bring it to him for an appropriately rowdy session. Lionel is great on leash but can be easily distracted. Lionel LOVES water and has enjoyed his first bath at his foster home, in the tub. Lionel does need to have his exercise and will need routine in order to stay on the path to perfection.  As he is still a rowdy mouthy youngster, a home with older children (teens) would be ideal.  We think he may be too much for younger children.  


  • Takes vocal commands well

  • Great first impression -- will melt your heart with one look

  • AMAZING on leash

  • Loves people -- men, women, big, small

  • Vacuums/loud noises are whatever

  • Kiss/cuddle monster

  • Respects the older dogs, & wants to play with the young ones

  • Enjoys toys with a squeak; Kong Wubba is especially fun

  • He has met small dogs, and seems to like them. Would need a slow/supervised intro with a small dog.

  • He is interested in children, looks at them when we’re on walks. He hasn’t barked at any kids, nor has he met any. I think his energy is a bit high for toddlers/super active children. I wouldn't want him to get over-excited and forget his mouth manners with a kid.


Sm. Dogs
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