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Female 13.2 months

Ready for Adoption Added April 25, 2020

Day 13...

One year old Shyla is really coming out of her shell now. Just 15 minutes of ball time in the morning and it gets some of that puppy energy out. She is also learning how to sit, and no longer growls at her reflection in the mirror.

Her ideal adopter is active and enjoys walks. (I'm not sure Shyla is a runner.) And you must be patient with puppy learning needs. Guard your slippers and zippers.

She is super lovable and affectionate, and looking for her perfect home.  Shyla would blossom in a quiet, structured home with no kitties but would most likely enjoy the company of an older male dog that likes to play but is not overbearing.  Shyla may be the ideal dog for active couple who want a "low drive" companion or a veteran who just wants a lovable and chill buddy to go on walks with.  Her new owners will have to be very patient, dedicated, decisive, and committed.  They should be able to set boundaries and be fully committed to her and her on-going training and learning. 

Day five... 

Shyla played today.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. This beautiful one year old girl came from a backyard filled with 10 other dogs. No socialization, no training, no love.

She's been in a foster home, our home, for about a week and she has literally been discovering the world for the first time. She hesitates at the sound of a loud truck. She didn't know how to chew on a bone. She even growled at her own reflection in the mirror.

I've been showing her how to run in the yard, letting her know that it's OK, and that she will not have to worry about the chaos of 10 dogs crammed in a small yard together.

Today, she finally started running by my side, bounced around a bit, and even did a play bow!

Yes, Shyla played today. And it's a big deal.

"Her Foster Dad"

Her foster mom and I will continue to work with her to get her ready for her forever home, working on all the basics, crate training and housebreaking and she is also learning that attention and affection is freely given and that she doesn't have to compete for it.  She is also learning that walks are enjoyable and she takes a lot of her cues from her foster brother, Oskar.  

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