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Lonely GSD in the shelter

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Gender: Female

Age: 2.6 years

Status: Adopted

Mulan had a rough start but has left that past behind and is doing well in her foster home.  Mulan is super sweet and wants to be loved up.  She is very attentive, wants to please and wants to learn.  She is learning what toys are and she will run after a ball, but will let the other dogs get it, and respects the boundaries.  

From her Foster Mom on 8/26/17 "I've had Mulan now for about 3 weeks.  Mulan is a super gentle, sweet girl, who loves going for rides in the car.  She rides very well in the cargo area of the SUV.  Her house manners are great!  She stays out of the kitchen when told, goes to the bathroom where shown, and sleeps well uncrated in the bedroom.  While she doesn't prefer the crate, she does do well in the crate (up to 6 hours is the max she's been in the crate).We are currently working on her obedience and neighborhood walks.  She knows sit, wait and her recall is getting better - still some work to do.  She's easy to walk on leash when it's just us. We are currently working on her leash reactivity, so will be helpful to have knowledge and training on this matter for whomever adopts her.  Getting her to focus on me as we pass other dogs or she sees them, right now she is a barker when this happens, but with more training we will get this to subside.  I think that she would do well in the beginning with someone who has another dog for her to be with or an adopter who is home most of the day.  I took her to PetSmart the other evening and she did well in the store, and had her pick out the toy she wanted.  She chose the plush beer mug, so she may want to join her adopters for their happy hour before you take her out on a neighborhood training walk!"  


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