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Lonely GSD in the shelter

You can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.



Gender: Female

Age: 3.6 years

Level: 2.5 (View level descriptions)

Status: Adopted

This 2-3 year old is a very sweet girl.  It looks like she has had several litters of puppies, however this has made her great with other dogs.  It is obvious she's not had a lot of happy in her life, but she will gently wag, sometimes smile with her ears, and sometimes oh-so-gently walks onto her foster mom when she is sitting down.  Subee will nose nudge her foster mom for pets when she stops petting she is on her way to becoming a pet.  She enjoys a lot of one on one attention.  Since she has come to us she is starting to shine.  She likes to get into everything. Subee has learned to go into her crate, and with more training, will be more comfortable and able to self soothe when left in the crate.  

She is a very happy, friendly, affectionate dog and with all this happiness she can't contain herself she likes to jump up on people.  She is a work in progress.  Subee will benefit from needed and consistent training.  Subee is good with both dogs and people.  She will need an experienced, dedicated and very consistent owner.  She will be a great dog to take to training and have one on one time with her new family. 

Subee does seem to be more nervous around men, so would do well with a female adopter, and then have many societal introductions and experiences where men are present.  

We can help more dogs if we have more volunteers. If you can help in any way, please contact us.

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