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Male 3.2 years

Ready for Adoption Added May 22, 2024

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Benji has been in a foster home since mid-May and according to his foster mom, "He is absolutely the perfect dog!  He is easy to handle, friendly, non-reactive, good with cats, big and small dogs, loves all people including kids, elders and strangers, house-trained and crate-trained*, calm, sweet, only barks when necessary".

Benji is small for a GSD, approx. 50lbs. His foster did the DNA test and he is 50% GSD, 38% Australian Cattle dog, 6% Border Collie, 2% Lupo Italiano, 2% Australian Shepherd, 1% Samoyed, 1% Siberian Husky (see his DNA video). He is the perfect designed mix with the lovely coat of a GSD and the face and eyes and ears of a GSD-Australian Cattle dog mix. He has a deep soulful gaze where he looks into your eyes with love and longing. Benji can be a great outdoors dog for running and walking, but he also enjoys just hanging out in the house or garden, usually holding a favorite toy in his paws. He loves to play fetch and return the ball or toy, but makes you do a little bit of coaxing to get it back. 

Benji sometimes plays with my same-sized dog Heidi, but he prefers to be with people or his toy. He ignores small dogs and cats, and generally other dogs except for a bit of playtime now and then. He does not like to share his toys or people with other dogs and lets them know to back off with a gentle reminder.

Under close supervision, Benji has interacted with six different kids of all ages (from 4 to 13 years old) and he loves them, even when they are loud and screaming. There is a video of him with two of the kids in a hammock and he’s right there enjoying their antics. He loves meeting new people.

Benji has never had an accident in the house, I am not sure if he was already house-trained or if he picked it up quickly.  Benji is non-destructive* and can be safely left in the house. I crate all of my dogs when I am not home, including Benji, but he roams free in my bedroom at night along with my dog Heidi and my chihuahua. He doesn’t jump on the bed or whine, he just lies down on the rug and sleeps. Johanne puppysat Benji while his foter was out-of-town and she reports that he was fine in the house during the day when she was out. At her house, he slept in her bedroom at night along with two Senior dogs, a GSD and Terrier, and three cats.

Benji went on several outings when with Johanne including store shopping and visiting her dad in an assisted living facility. Johanne believes Benjii has the right demeanor, gentleness, and personality to be a therapy dog. 

Benji has learned “sit” and “wait” since he came to live with me. He knows he must sit and wait before he can come into the house. I feed him his meals in his crate so he is eager to go into it when I am holding his food dish. He does not like the crate at other times though. When I go out I crate all of my dogs and I persuade Benji to go into his crate by tossing treats into it. But it’s not his favorite place. Sometimes I have him in his crate in my office and he is fine with that. Other times I just have him out and lying next to me on the rug. 

Benji could be the perfect dog for almost anyone or any family. He’s sweet, loving, agreeable, willing to do whatever you want him to do. He doesn't jump on the furniture, rush the door, or have any bad habits. He can live with other dogs and cats and kids. He’s simply adorable. 


*the asterisks are because Benji’s only negative behavior was destruction of a weak crate.



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