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Lonely GSD in the shelter

For only 75¢ a day you can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.

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Volunteer of the Month

Here are the Golden State German Shepherd Rescue Volunteers of the Month! We appreciate all of them for their tireless work.

Volunteer of the Month for November 2010 is Amy Murray!

Amy Murray

Amy Murray says "Twelve years ago I got my first German Shepherd Dog puppy.  He was the best dog ever -- a true represenation of the GSD breed.  At three years old, he suffered a stroke and died without any warning. The loss of my first shepherd left me sad and grief stricken but opened the door to my rescue "career."  Missing him and wanting another shepherd, I was searching for another puppy when I saw a website for GSD rescue. I just knew it was for me and soon became involved in every aspect; fostering, fundraising, transporting, shelter evaluations, etc.  I began attending any and all dog
related events and training seminars I could to learn about the breed and rescue.  Of all, I've enjoyed fostering -- it has been the best experience and I encourage everyone I meet to give it a chance since it gives one more great dog that second chance they deserve. 

If you ever conduct shelter evaluations and have to leave one behind, you'll never say no to fostering. Should I run for political office in the dog world, my mantra would be "No GSD left behind."  I've adopted three dogs so far but can see many more to come." 

Volunteer of the Month for October 2010 is Mike Murray!

Mike Murray

Mike was bitten by the German Shepherd Dog bug after getting a puppy named Casey from Kay Springer (another long time GSR volunteer) and Showboat Shepherds in 1993, and joining the Diablo Valley GSD Club.   The  Diablo Valley members had an active rescue group and Mike started working with them in late 1993 with rescuing  GSD's out of local shelters.   He took over the Diablo Valley GSD Rescue in 1995.  After meeting Linda Vartanian in 1996 they started San Francisco Bay Area GSD Rescue in 1997.  Mike served as President and Chairman of the Board  of SFB GSD Rescue among many other volunteer efforts with that group.  Mike was one of founding members of German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California in 2003 and served as President, Chairman of the Board and head of fundraising committee during his time with that group.

In 2009, Mike was one of founding members of Golden State German Shepherd Rescue and currently serves as Chairman of the Board which means he is involved in many aspects of the volunteer efforts that have made this group successful.

Mike says "I have had German Shepherds since I was 20 years old ( a long time !!) and have always loved the loyalty, intelligence and versatility of the breed.  German Shepherd Rescue over the years has allowed some really incredible dogs to come into my life, and some equally incredible people like my wife Dez. In our case, the dogs truly did bring us together.  I consider my work with German Shepherd Rescue over the years, to be among
the most rewarding and fulfilling things I have done in my life.

Volunteer of the Month for September 2010 is Joan Cannelli!

Joan Cannelli

Joan Cannelli joined German Shepherd Rescue around 2002-2003. She had an obvious love for the breed, having had 7 German Shepherds herself in her lifetime.  As to why she loves German Shepherds, here it is in Joan's own words. "I love the breed because it is loyal, noble, smart, protective and beautiful.  When you live with a Shepherd  it's like living with another human.  They are so intuitive and will pick up on all your feelings.  They actually own you!  You will always feel safe when you have Shepherds - no one is going to get anywhere near the house without them alerting you way in advance and no one will get near you with them around.  I am proud to have them in my life as they serve humanity in so many ways that no other breed does."

Joan has participated in many capacities in German Shepherd Rescue, adoption day volunteer, handler, Board Member and probably most importantly, as the major fundraiser for the group. Through Joan's professional and personal contacts, she brings tens of thousands of much needed dollars into the group
each year. To put it bluntly, without Joan's fundraising efforts, the group would not exist to the degree it does and would not save nearly as many dogs.

A  story from Joan:

I think my favorite story speaks of the loyalty and love Shepherds will have for you.  In all my years of ownership, my dogs got out of my backyard once.  The gardener did not lock the gate properly.  I had gone to a party thatnight and when I drove up to the house, I looked down the driveway and saw the gate swinging open - I was so afraid.  I ran out of the car and there at the front door sat Shiloh & Savana who came running to me extremely happy to see me.  They could have run away, they could have gotten hit by a car or they could have frightened someone but they didn't.  I was very fortunate and I guess they both knew  they had it pretty good and didn't want to risk the "unknown". 

Volunteer of the Month for July 2010 is Dennis Lewenthal!

Dennis Lewenthal

Dennis has been active with German Shepherd Rescue for many years. During that time he has worn many hats such as foster home, transporter, adoption day volunteer, and shelter evaluator, a role in which he personally saved the lives of many dogs. And he has been instrumental on the fundraising committee acquiring many valuable donations. Dennis also established a special needs fund for Golden State German Shepherd Rescue in honor of his dog Rufus.

Over the years Dennis and his dogs Rufus and Baxter have been wonderful ambassadors for both German Shepherd Rescue and the breed itself. Dennis brings a sense of fun and warmth to all that he does with German Shepherd Rescue and his presence is enjoyed by all.

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