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Lonely GSD in the shelter

For only 75¢ a day you can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.

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Volunteer of the Month

Here are the Golden State German Shepherd Rescue Volunteers of the Month! We appreciate all of them for their tireless work.

Volunteer of the Month for April 2011 is Katie Van Loon!

Katie Van Loon

Katie is our youngest volunteer and is the proud owner of one of our rescue dogs, Kasey.  Katie says, "I have wanted a German Shepherd for years and finally got one about 7 months ago. Kasey is my best friend and is the best dog ever. She is about two years old and is a GSD/Lab mix.  I could not imagine a better dog. She is so well behaved and everyone loves her. I just turned 12 and as you know, Kasey inspired me to ask for donations for your rescue instead of presents." 

We and our rescue dogs appreciate all the help that Katie gives us at our Adoption Days and the money she raised at her birthday party to donate to Golden State German Shepherd Rescue. 

Volunteer of the Month for March 2011 is Bob Edmiston!

 Bob Edmiston

Bob and his wife were enjoying their retired life near Wilseyville where they built their home in 2002.  They had two dogs along with six adult children scattered between Salt Lake City and San Diego.  Between enjoying their hikes in the wooded acres around their home and visiting children and grandchildren, they had a full life.  It became even fuller in November 2009 when Bob stopped by Robinson Feed in Lodi and noticed a German Shepherd Adoption Day going on.  He stopped to enjoy the dogs and found out they were looking for fosterers, and Bob and his wife volunteered.  One month later their first foster dog was successfully adopted, and now it is 25 foster dogs later and Bob and his family are going strong. His foster dogs have ranged in age from three days old to the very senior Atlanta.  Bob and his wife haven't been immune to the charms of their foster dogs.  In fact, they adopted two puppies from a litter of five three-day old puppies plus mom that they fostered in early 2010.  Their foster dog is immediately part of the pack and family with full access to the house and 1/5 acre fenced yard accessible through the 24 hour dog door.  The foster dog tends to become civilized with the resident dogs and the two cats in a quick and easy manner.  Although tears are shed as each dog is adopted, Bob and his wife say "The realization that we are a link in their lives before they go to their forever homes makes it work for us."  Bob is shown in the photo with his current foster dog, Harley, on the left, and his beautiful pack leader, a female GSD named Snuffy.

Volunteer of the Month for February 2011 is Karen Wyatt!

Karen Wyatt

Karen has always loved German Shepherds and her first one arrived when she was about 16 years old, a male German Shepherd. Her Mom had some very special German Shepherds in her life when she was a child and always told Karen wonderful stories of them.  So, of course, her first dog was going to be a German Shepherd!  And that was the start of her life with German Shepherds.

Karen been rescuing animals for about  10 years, first with a small group in Auburn that only had a handful of dog fosters - it was mostly a cat rescue organization.    That rescue was an all-breed rescue and Karen fostered around 70 dogs, mostly German Shepherds, but a few that definitely weren't!   Last February, Karen joined Golden State German Shepherd Rescue so she could concentrate on German Shepherds.   

Karen says, "As with most rescuers, I'm totally hooked and what keeps me involved is all the great memories and "update"  e-mails I get from my people I've adopted dogs to - nothing better than finding the perfect match for a wonderful dog!  It's just such a natural high; I've found nothing like it!!!  Frustrating?  You bet, but so totally rewarding when all goes well!"   

Karen is with one of her special German Shepherds in the photo, who passed away a few years ago.  She was Karen's main camping companion for many years and features in a lot of Karen's favorite memories of those times.

Volunteer of the Month for January 2011 is Andrea Bishop!

Andrea Bishop

Andrea says, "I was first inspired to serve as a volunteer for German Shepherd rescue at the time I adopted my own rescue dog, Talia. She taught me about the breed’s intelligence, loyalty and athletic abilities. And her natural ability for sheep herding and agility were exciting to watch. Sharing my life with a German Shepherd has certainly made it more complete.

Six years later, my passion for matching German Shepherds to loving families has not diminished. I’m still impressed by the transformation of how a shelter dog can become a beloved family member when they are given a second chance.

As a volunteer of Golden State German Shepherd Rescue, I enjoy serving as a board member, adoption counselor and coordinator, fundraising committee member, as well as hotline volunteer. A rescue volunteer wears many hats and I am willing to invest my time in order to offer a better life to such well deserving dogs."

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